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    Default How to tighten the skin of face?

    10 Simple Ways To Tighten Your Neck Skin

    Do you find your loose neck skin bothering you? Are you scared you are ageing too soon and does that very thought make you go embarrassed amongst your peers? Loose neck skin is something we all encounter, but then, isnít there a way on how to get rid of loose neck skin without having to shell loads of money in expensive treatments?

    Well, there is! And not one, but ten unique ways of tightening your neck skin and reversing your biological clock! Want to know what they are? Then you must read this post!

    How To Tighten Neck Skin Ė 10 Simple Tips:

    1. Hot Massage:

    Hot massage to the loose neck skin repairs wrinkles and dryness. It replenishes the loose skin again and makes it moisturized, supple and soft. Hot massage is accompanied with the benefits like triggered collagen formation. This increases cell renewal and repair. As a result, the neckís skin becomes tighter than before.

    2. Exercises:

    Stretching exercises offer a noticeable change to the wobbly neck skin when combined with working exercises. It involves constantly stretching and relaxing the lower facial tissues and muscles. This makes the muscles and cells around the neck active. As a result, the collagen formation is triggered around the complete neck region. The end results are tighter neck skin with lesser marks of aging like wrinkles and sagging.

    3. Manage Weight:

    Weight management is a preventive remedy. This is because weight gain stretches the skin. When this is followed by weight loss, it leaves behind loose skin. Hence, managing optimal weight is a sure shot win against skin loosening that happens due to swift weight gain and weight loss.

    4. Cucumber Paste:

    Cucumber bags the benefits of being a deeply moisturizing and hydrating agent. It offers deep conditioning to the worn and loose neck cells. This revitalizes the shrunk neck cells and makes them fuller and plump again. Hence, the skin automatically looks tighter. Find out how to make this amazing skin tightening neck mask below.

    How To Make:

    Grate cucumber and place it in a bowl.
    Add curd, cream and almond oil to it.
    Mix well to make fine paste.
    Apply on the affected neck region and leave to dry for 30 minutes.
    Clean with rose water and cotton.
    Moisturize with a good cream/lotion.
    Repeat the process everyday for best results.
    5. Fullers Earth Pack:

    Fullerís earth is an amazing anti-aging treatment for face. Do you know that a little juggling between ingredients can transform it to a neck skin firming mask as well? Find out How!

    How To Make:

    Take 2 tbsp fullerís earth in a bowl.
    Mix thick cream and rose water with it. Beat well.
    Add egg white and lemon juice to the paste and beat well.
    Add mashed banana pulp to the paste and mix well.
    Refrigerate for 30 minutes.
    Apply all over the neck and leave to dry for 1 hour.
    When dry, dab a little rose water to it and massage for 15 minutes.
    Wash with lukewarm water.
    Cover with a moisturizer immediately.
    Repeat the process everyday in order to get speedy results.
    This amazing skin firming mask works wonders for loose neck skin. It offers unmatched moisturization and conditioning. This makes the skin soft and supple from inside. Fullerís earth, egg white and lemon juice stimulate collagen formation and hamper free radical accumulation. This increases the elasticity of neck muscles and cells. Hence, the skin becomes visibly tighter, softer, younger and radiant than before.

    6. Almond Oil Massage:

    Other than hot massage, almond oil massage can also improve skinís firmness. Almond oil is a rich source of vitamin E which is blessed with anti-aging properties. This repairs premature aging and offers elasticity to sagging neck cells and tissues. Vitamin E also increases blood circulation around the neck area. This triggers the process of collagen formation and hampers its destruction. The results are noticeable changes to the otherwise loose neck skin that becomes tighter with the constant application of almond oil.

    7. Skin Tightening Cosmetic Creams:

    Wrinkle lift skin creams are highly recommended for people showing early signs of skin aging. Wrinkle lift formulas are powerful doses of skin revitalizing and firming vitamins and minerals. They get soaked in the skin and make the cells tighter, firmer and active. This is certainly an effective way of tightening the loose neck skin to an extent.

    8. Drink Mineral Water:

    Drinking water is an effective remedy for most of the skin problems one faces in a lifetime. However, what we forget to mention is to consume mineral water in order to gain those skin benefits and make them last lifelong. Mineral water can restore the chemical balance of the body. Sometimes hormonal and chemical imbalance leads to premature aging. This results in wrinkles and sagging skin on neck. Hence, consume mineral water in large amounts in order to keep your neck young, pretty and radiant.

    9. Banana Peel Neck Mask:

    Banana peel makes a revolutionary anti aging remedy for loose neck skin. It is an amazing boost of fresh anti-oxidants and lutein, which can make the cells elastic, active and stronger.

    How To Make?

    Take a banana peel and scoop its inner white part.
    Mix it with curd and lemon to make a fine paste.
    Add glycerine and baby oil to it and mix well.
    Add a few drops of milk to the mixture and beat to make a fine paste.
    Apply on the neck and leave to dry for an hour.
    When it gets dry, dab water to the neck and massage with gentle hands.
    Rinse with water after 15 minutes.
    Repeat everyday to get best results.
    10. Balanced Diet:

    All skin problems end with a balanced diet, and so does this problem. Incorporate fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables and salads in your daily diet. This might be a slow remedy, but is a sure shot remedy against the problem of sagging neck skin.

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    For face skin tightening, I would strongly recommend you to use pure organic Visalift Face Serum. This serum will prevent your skin from several other skin problems and keep your skin healthier, smoother and younger.

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    I've personally skipped creams and DIY for sagging skin, I just don't think there's a miracle OTC product out there. I've undergone microneedling lately (Infini in particular). I'm currenty on my third session and I've had pretty good results!

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    My friends say Clarins face lifting gel is good. But because my face is prone to breakouts - so I have not try yet.
    I was thinking to lift my nose as dunno why after giving birth, nose abit enlarged =(

    Was looking at k-define nose thread. I think there are face thread lift which u can find out more in your country

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    Wrinkles and fine lines are common signs of aging. Natural treatment is always better to treat any health issue. Home remedies like eating anti aging food and fruits is good for skin and overall health. These foods are loaded with plenty of nutrients that is required by the body for our optimal health. They nourish the system internally. With the plethora of anti-aging solutions out there, considering natural ways seems to be the best choice and an inexpensive one too with zero side-effects. I have gone through an article regarding this "Super Effective Anti Aging Home Remedies" at zovon.

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    Face yoga has been recognized as an ultimate antiaging workout for youthful and radiant facial skin. It is not exactly a trend as of now, but it can significantly tone, tighten and brighten your facial skin. While you might consider them as just funny faces, but these are quite effective. I have found an interesting article regarding entitled " Antiaging Face Yoga to Get Back Firm and Glowing Skin"

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    Antioxidants are those molecules that neutralizes the free radicals. Free radicals generate in the body and are responsible for aging. Antioxidants counteract to free radicals and make them unable to cause damage. There are several natural sources that are loaded with antioxidants and safe for use. These natural foods provide the sufficient nutritive requirement to the skin and body and promote the optimal health.These foods will help to boost the skin integrity and promote the radiance of the skin

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