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    Default How To Get Flawless And Beautiful Skin

    Hello all,

    I have been lurking in the forums for several months now...

    I thought I would share this helpful resource filled with the best beauty tips on how to get flawless and beautiful skin. It is very in-depth and filled with helpful information for literally almost any skin concern. Everything from acne, dark spots, oily skin, large pores, and more. Since it is so indepth, there is a table of contents that makes navigating it so much easier. You can read the entire post here if you would like

    It made me consider more about certain lifestyle choices that I was making which could be harmful to my skin. Let me know what you guys think


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    **Ms Pink** Female

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    Nov 2017


    I think the perfect flawless skin are those who either born with it or they have really make effort to take care of their skin.
    I'm those who can be very lazy at times + my skin is oily type. Abit challenging for me as I need to think how to prevent breakouts.

    Some tips:
    - Do mask at home (I bought those korean clay mask type , Kose black mask ). This to remove dirt from our face.
    - Drink water and eat more fruits. Do avoid eating fried food.
    - Remove your make up before sleep! This is very important
    - Use a toner and a cleanser that suits your skin type
    - Go for facial at least once a month. Look for those clinic that have different type of treatment to target your skin type.
    - Use oil free sun block. very important !

    Lastly stay happy and positive =D

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    **Aurelia Langloss** Female

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    Jun 2018


    I think cleansing is the real factor that would help you. It also depends on your skin type.

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    **Suruchi Puri** Female

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    Jul 2018
    New Delhi


    Deliver your face a steam massage in the shower.
    Use a charcoal sheet face masks.
    Exfoliate with a washcloth soaked in hot water.
    Follow a facial essence among layers of moisturizer.
    Strive blurring to create hd ideal pores and skin.
    Use an overnight napping masks.

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    **Cosmotree Clinic** Male

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    Jul 2019
    New Delhi, Delhi - 1110024


    I will suggest you to take laser treatment or chemical peeling.

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    on my personal experience i think natural remedies is best for you am suggest you about the home remedies such as use the egg on face and also use the Rose Liquid on face for freshness need to know more about it see the Laser Treatments that are also best.

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    Maybe something like tretenoin?

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