The medical field was working on the dental restoration through non-invasive methods for a long time, and at last, they become successful in their mission with the accomplishment of dental veneers. They are proved as the best solution to make your smile beautiful than before. Less time is required to get the results. If you have problems with your smile and you want to improve it, then go ahead and get the solution in the form of dental veneers in Dubai.
What Are Dental Veneers?
Dental veneers are recognized as the shield that protects the external surface of your tooth. These veneers are specially designed in a way that they improve the color and shape of your teeth. Basically, if your front tooth is damaged or have any kind of defect, then it can be masked in such a way that it looks perfect.
What About Types Of Veneers?
Zirconium, ceramic (porcelain), or composite material are utilized in the formation of porcelain veneers. Another type of veneers is recognized as the ceramic veneers. They are inferior as compared to other veneers but they come with a number of benefits in less price. Furthermore, the installation is performed quickly. Furthermore, they are made in such a way that they can manage the restored and new look in the form of a natural look.
How Are Dental Veneers Mounted?
Mainly, two procedures are utilized to mount your dental veneers. These methods are named as ‘prep’ and ‘no/low prep’. When the procedure of no/low prep is applied, then the ceramic is used as 0.3 mm. they are directly attached to the surface of your tooth. No sanding is required before attaching it to the tooth enamel. Almost 1 hour is required to complete the process.
Another method that is known as ‘prep’ includes minimally invasive polishing of your teeth prior to applying veneers on them. Almost 0.5 mm veneers are utilized in this method. Half-crown is attached to the tooth. However, the intervention is minimal. 2 sessions are required to complete the treatment for availing optimal results. No anesthesia is required to perform the procedure.
When Veneers Are Recommended?
Your dentist may recommend you the veneers when you need;
To cover the spots on your teeth
To cover a cracked or broken teeth
To position your teeth
To enhance the color of your teeth as per your recommendation
To cover the gingival smile
To cover unsightly fillings
To align your abnormal shape of your teeth even if your tooth is too small, too big, or crooked
When Your Dentist Doesn’t Recommend Veneers?
Your teeth should be healthy if you want to get veneers. If you have any kind of dental disease or a dental problem, then you cannot go for the procedure. In such case, you need to treat your disease first, and then go for the veneers.