Please I need help. Itís been a week Iíve had these raised skin lesions that are round and look like ringworm but arenít. They are constantly secreting liquid and are SO itchy. I went to the doctors and they did the UV light test and thy didnít light up. But the sun burns them like crazy. Itís spreadig so fast. 2 extra lesions a day and Iím terrified it will go to my scalp and Iíll lose hair. Itís on my arm, leg, chest, breast, knee just started. My muscle are starting to get achey. I donít know if this came from a stray kitten I found and kept. I took her to the vet and had her testing for diseases they said she was fine but I guess not. I took her to the vet again elsewhere and they said she has tapeworms and it didnít seem like she had ringworm. These lesions are showing up around places she has scratched me before. I also have headaches and sore muscles. It is also startingon one side of my cheek. Iím trying to post a picture but Iím not sure if I can from phone