Hi! I got some kind of red, circular spots earlier this year on my neck and top part of my back. I didn't do anything at first because it did not bother me. They did not itch, burn, or hurt. It started spreading and I got concerned. I thought it was ringworm so I put fungal cream on it, after awhile it went away so I thought I fixed it. About a week ago I noticed it came back but this time it started in between my breasts. It spread under them as well. Two days ago I was trying on something and noticed that my back was filled with these spots. I went to the doctor, he barely looked at them and said my skin was irritated and something was causing it, possibly laundry detergent. I left and still feel like that isn't right because it not all over my body where my clothes are. Just in two spots. I just need opinions on what you guys think it is and what I should do. It's still spreading and is now on my arms and neck, where my clothes do not touch.