Hey everyone!

I am having an unfortunate skin condition... My cheeks often get red and hot, to the point of actually being painful. This usually happens on social occasions, but it is not limited to that. In general, any kind of stress (negative or positive-like meeting a friend) causes it.

This only happens when the temperature drops. I am symptom free in the summer if I stay away from direct sun (5min of sun and I will be red and hot), but as soon as daily T is below 30C , the condition is back. Currently, daily temperatures are around 15 C and that is more then enough to feel tension in my cheeks (right from the moment I wake up, but there is no redness present) and even cause break outs if exposed to any kind of stress. I also noticed that my facial skin cant tolerate water. When I shower, I need to take care not to shower my face. If I do, I'll have red skin right away.

I visited dermatologist, she gave me Mirvaso Gel, and put me on a laser therapy, that would destroy blood vessels. Didn't worked a bit. Overall it was a very poor experience, since the only test they did, was to look at my the skin through microscope.

I do love to see my skin behave like it does in the summer all year long, because frankly, avoiding direct sun is not that difficult. What should I do?

I am guy in my 20s, I've had this thing since I was a teenager. I know absolutely nothing about skin care so talk to me like I am five. For example, if you say "use a cleanser" I will be overwhelmed by all the different types of products, with all the different ingredients for all the different types of skins ). If it is allowed to be product specific on this forum, then please be.

Regards, Tim