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    **Micheal** Male

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    Mar 2013


    Yes i have tried, it really gets rid out of wrinkles when i used anti-wrinkle creams and look younger too.

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    **jazzpollard** Female

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    See using anti aging wrinkle cream is good for ur face it may possible that using these creams u may get good facial of the most important thing that u must consider before buying an anti aging cream is that u must see its ingredients that whether they are safe or not to use...There are lots of various natural substances that function as antioxidants, like vitamins E and C...these vitamins are good for face so u must buy that wrinkle cream which contains these ingredients..

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    **Sharon Gomez** Female

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinodg View Post
    Few days I was really suffering from wrinkles. I was feeling bad about these wrinkles in my face. I tried many creams of different brands to get rid of these wrinkles in my face but I don't see any good result. Better use some natural herbal products to take care of your skin. It's my opinion.

    I agree with you. Just don't depend upon anti wrinkle cream. If you want to use any cream you can use any of the good medicated cream.

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    Applying appropriate anti-aging creams/serums/lotions can assist in defying the signs of ageing. It does depend on the ingredients that is used in the products. Many women also have skin rejuvenation treatments such as peels (mild, moderate or severe), microdermabrasion (to get rid of dead skin cells) or non-surgical treatments such as injectable anti-wrinkle or dermal filler. A combination of anti-aging products and treatments will achieve optimum results. I hope this helps.

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    **Emily Kristina** Female

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    I searched a lot on anti-aging products. There seems to be many options in the market. Use these three free things first.

    1. Take a fresh coconut, mesh it and apply it on your face, alternate days for a month. refrigerate it. Do not apply any other cream or makeup in this time.
    2. Wash your face only with the clean and a lot of water. No soaps for as long as you can go.
    3. To clean the face there is a natural herb called neem. Buy its powder and make a paste with water. Apply it on your face daily before you sleep and rub it after 30 minutes. It is very bitter so avoid your eyes area.

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    **Emma Brown** Female

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    You could get a facial, chemical peel, or get a pricey prescription of anti-wrinkle cream.

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    Anti-aging creams do not remove wrinkles permanently. However, they are effective in reducing wrinkles at some extent.

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    Hello! This is my opinion if you are planning to spend money for anti-aging products and don't have any assurance that it will work, better undergo surgery. There you will get instant result, its just a matter of choosing the best clinic and surgeon.

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    **kevinkrieger** Male

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    Yes, there are many products that helps diminish the signs of aging over time.I would also say protect yourself from the sun to prevent future wrinkling and eat healthy, drink plenty of water and take proper sleep for 8 hours. Always stay happy and keep smiling.

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    **zsacream** Male

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    While buying an anti-aging product most important thing is that you should also know about the type of your skin and its nature. Make Sure Anti-Aging Cream Does Not Cause Allergies. Do Not Expect Miracles From Anti-Aging Cream. Whenever possible check reviews from the real users of the specific anti-aging cream

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