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    Exclamation Neck Rash - Help!

    Hello! Currently I am studying abroad in the Southern Alps of France. The weather is very humid and hot here, and I am exposed to the sun a lot. I have red hair and fair skin, but wear sunscreen as much as I can. I haven't been sunburned badly since I got here. However, The past couple of days I've noticed a rash pop up on my neck - right above my neck bones on both sides of my neck. It is red and itchy, also splotchy. it looks like little red spots, some almost the color of blood, others just pink. Some look like bruises because there's so many so close together. When I itch it it becomes redder of course. I've tried cold compresses and they seem to help but only for a few minutes after they've been applied. I have googled pictures of heat rash but i doesnt look the same as the pictures. I'm worried because i don't have a doctor here and can't speak French well enough to go to the local doctor and explain the issue. Any idea what it could be? Thanks for the help!

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    Can u post the picture if possible.??/

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    I am having trouble uploading photos

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