I had this bump showed up 5 days ago on my penis shaft, about an inch from the base. It's about 3mm diameter, slightly raised,, dome shape, and there is only one bump (as in no cluster). It's a little bit more red and more shiny than the surrounding area. No pain, no itch, no burning sensation, and it has not gotten bigger or smaller. I don't shave the pubic area, just trim it down to a manageable length. I tried to post picture but for some reason I'm unable to upload the file.
I've been freaking out over this. I had somewhat a risky sexual encounter two weeks ago. I had a condom on during intercourse, but not during oral sex (her on me). I was scheduled to see a doctor at a STD clinic today but she canceled at the last moment. I won't be able to see another doctor for another 4 days. In the meantime, I'm freaking out.
Can anyone tell me what I could possibly have? I know I'll have my answer eventually, but I'd rather find out sooner than later.
Thanks in advance.