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    Default Home remedies for Kidney infection

    Hey guys, I realize that kidney infection is a very common disease as for women so I wrote this post to warn you guys about this disease as well as show you guys a few home remedies for it. Nice to share with you guys <3
    What is Kidney Infection?

    Also known under medical term as pyelonephritis, it is the term used to describe the problem which is triggered by infection from bacteria which goes all the way from urinary tract, bladder and urethra toward to kidneys. This problem can occur on either one or both of your kidneys.

    What Causes Kidney Infection?

    Women, especially who are pregnant are more prone to kidney infection rather than men.

    Also there are some other factors which can make you more at risk such as obstruction at the urinary tract, weakening of immune system because of HIV, diabetes or side effects of some particular treatments, prolonged usage of urinary catheter as well as kidney stones some conditions which alter or block the urine flow at the kidneys.

    1. Increase Fluid Intake

    The most recommended method and top tip from the list of home remedies for kidney infection is increasing the intake of fluid. Doing so will enable you to improve the healing as it can remove the bacteria, toxic and waste products out of the kidneys, thus maintain the healthiness and cleanliness[4][5]. Therefore, water is also one of the simplest Home Remedies for Stone in Kidney.

    Water - Home Remedies for Kidney Infections

    How to do:

    Consume about 8 – 10 glasses of water every day.
    Also you can consume 1 – 2 glasses of coconut or lemon water every day.
    Also consume juice from vegetables and fruits in order to supply the necessary minerals and vitamins for the combat against the infection.
    Note: Do not consume alcoholic beverages and coffee until the infection is totally healed.

    2. Hot Water Compress

    This simple tip from the list of home remedies for kidney infection is excellent at soothing pain at the hips, back and even lower abdomen which are caused by infection of kidney. It will help you relax the abdominal muscles as well as lower the pressure on bladder. Even better, it is able to soothe inflammation.

    How to do:

    Take a warm heating pad or hot water bottle and apply directly onto the hips, back and lower abdomen for couples of minute.
    Perform again if needed.

    3. Cranberry Juice

    This ingredient from the list of home remedies for kidney infection is reported to be extremely effective at treating even infection of the urinary tract as well as help you avoid the recurrence of those conditions, especially women who are young and around middle-age[6][7].

    Cranberry Juice - Home Remedies for Kidney Infections

    This juice will increase the acidity of the urine, thus help you avoid the growth of bacteria on the bladder’s wall and significantly lower the risk of getting infected.

    You just need to consume 1 unsweetened glass of cranberry juice every day. Avoid consuming huge amount in a long time as it might bring some side effects. It is said that consume over 1liter of cranberry juice every day will even increase the risk of having kidney stones as this fruit contains oxalate.

    4. Yogurt

    Containing probiotics as well as antioxidants, yogurt is considered the most valuable ingredient in the list of home remedies for kidney infection[8]. The live bacteria contained in yogurt can prevent the bacterial adherence onto the epithelial cells at the urinary tract. Furthermore, it can even improve your immune system significantly. You can read more about yogurt in Home Remedies for Kidney Stones.

    Yogurt - Home Remedies for Kidney Infections

    How to use:

    Consume 2 – 3 portions of plain yogurt which contains active and live cultures every day.
    Also you can put in some fiber-rich fruits such as apples to create some tasty smoothies and consume 1 – 2 times every day.

    5. Increase Vitamin C Intake

    This vitamin is the most important nutrient from the list of home remedies for kidney infection as it can support your immune system in combating against infection[9]. It will increase the level of acid at the kidneys which will destroy the bacteria that trigger the development of infection.

    Vitamin C - Home Remedies for Kidney Infections
    How to use:

    Consume 1 – 2 grapefruits, oranges as well as other citrus fruits every day.
    Also consume more foods which are rich of vitamin C such as broccoli, potatoes, peppers, sprouts, tomatoes, strawberries and kiwi.
    Another way is taking supplement of vitamin C once per day at the breakfast but only after consulting the doctor.
    Note: Avoid taking supplement of vitamin C in high dose as it might be linked with kidney stones, especially for men.

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    This is very informative, i want to share some easy and simple tips such as apple cider vinegar is best for kidney remedy, take a tablespoon of the vinegar and two teaspoon of honey mix it in warm water and consume this mixture twice a day for a few weeks. As honey comes with anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties.

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