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    Default pimple on my nose :(


    I have a pimple on the right side of my nose. It has been there since 4 to
    5 years, it doesn't hurt. But it has become permanent..
    About 2 years ago..I did go to a skin doctor..he tried to treat it with injections..
    but it didn't work..
    And recently I went to another skin doctor..he gave me some creams and said...
    it will vanish within months..but I haven't seen any difference..and I am
    very disappointed. plz help.

    Its pretty big..and looks weird..
    Please give suggestions..
    (I can post photos if you want..)

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    You can put hydrocortizone on it or a paste made from water and baking soda to dry and draw it out. If you pop it make sure to clean it with witch hazel,or hydrogen peroxide and put neosporine or triple antibiotic ointment to prevent infection and scarring .

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    It might be a cyst in which you would have to get it removed by a doctor. Usually cysts stay on your body until they are removed. This process is a quick and effective way to get rid of your situation. All it would take is a simple trip to your doctor. If you attempt it yourself, you might have to use something as sharp as a razor blade because the infection might be deep and to avoild cutting something that shouldn't be cut, I'd say your best bet would be the doctor to remove it.

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    is the pimple black? after you have tried these treatments has it come back the same color? my brother in law had a pimple on the left topside of his nose and he kept picking at it. it never went away for 2 years. finally he went to a doctor and the doctor told him to see a surgeon because it was probably basil cell melenoma. this doesn't spread fast and it stayed the same place without growing but the surgeon confirmed it was basil cell and it was removed. he had to have some plastic surgery because the cell was deep but they did that all at the same time as removing the cancer. don't mean to scare you. but can you have it checked again? just to be sure

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    you can use melacare cream. Melacare cream remove the skin problems like pimple, dark circles, freckles, age spot, chloasma and Melasma etc.

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    O dear..., I can understand what are you going through. All I am worried to is the fact that 4-5 years is a large span of time. It could have banish from the treatment you have used. I guess you should try to consult some dermatologist again but this time the one who have the experience of treating such things.

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    You can do the following things may be it may help you:

    1. Ice
    An ice pack is another fast acting remedy for pimple on nose. Wrap a few pieced of ice or crushed ice in a clean cloth and press it against the pimple for about twenty minutes. This reduces inflammation and swelling, reducing the size of the pimple making it less obvious.

    2. Lemon Juice
    Squeeze few drops of lemon juice on cotton wool and place it on your nose. Lemons are acidic and will help to clean and dry the pimple, making it less discernible. Leave for at-least fifteen minutes before you can wash it off. Fresh lemon juice is the best remedy.

    3. Tea Tree Oil
    A mild yet effective agent, tea tree oil clears moderate acne. Apply a few drops of the oil on the affected area and wash off in about ten minutes or apply a cream or lotion that contains tea tree oil. 5% tea tree oil content in creams is sufficient to clear the zit on the nose within a day.

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    You can get rid of pimples using certain home remedies as fresh lemon juice, tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar .

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    Zeroblem is the remedy to your problem. Its a Solvaderm product especially for pimple treatment. It will help you disappearing your pimple also clear the dead skin and gives you a smooth appearance on the skin. This product is clinically proven is suitable for all types of skin.

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    Five year pimple is not good at all. It might cause a big hole to your nose.

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