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    Post Why We Need to Start Using Anti-Aging Cream After 30's?

    Every person has specific skin type and with growing age the skin related problems also vary. Usually it's been told to use anti-aging cream to look young. I want to know, why we need to start using it after 30's?

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    Great article!!! …Anti-aging cream is one of the very best solutions for Skin Care. This is one of the best and greatest skin care product. I've been using that for last three months and it improves my skin texture and reduced my age spots. Now We look younger, beautiful as well as confident.

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    Regardless of skin type, the ability of our skin to produce collagen will start to fall from late 20s to early 30s onwards. The rate of collagen reduction depends on our diet, lifestyle as well as our skin care.

    Since collagen production starts to fall from late 20s, it has been advised to start using anti-aging skincare from then on. Reduction in collagen will case wrinkles to appear, lose of elasticity, sagging, etc. If we start using anti-aging skin care in 30s, we are trying to preserve our 30s' youthfulness. If we only start using anti-aging skin care in our 50s, then we are preserving our 50s' look (which would have more wrinkles, sagging, etc).

    Thus, it is strongly advised to start using anti-aging skin care as early as mid-20s onward. Of course, we need to take care of our diets (more fruit & veg) and lifestyle (drink sufficient water, no smoking, 8 hour sleep, etc).

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