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    Default Gillette's seeking the ultimate female razor for women

    I thought this article about how Gillette's studying the way women shave was interesting. If you thought there wouldn't be much need for a separate study, think again.

    Women are immensely more complicated when it comes to shaving. They have 18 times more surface area to shave than men, drier skin, and three different types of hair growing in hard-to-reach places, according to Anne Stewart, director of science at the Gillette Reading Technology Centre. These are some of the challenges facing the chemists and engineers working to create the ultimate female razor.
    My friends are horrified that I shave my legs. They're all far more sophisticated and use hair removal cream. I tried them once (and I think it was Immac but I could be wrong) and it STUNG! So back to my trusty razor I went. What do you do if anything? Can you think on ways they could improve a razor for women?

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    I shave, but very rarely because of the eczema on my legs. I have tried the multiple hair removal creams and they all burned and left me with a rash. I did not even leave them on for the recommended amount of time! I have also tried Nads (in the bikini line) and it removed skin, but not hair! So, shaving is the way to go for me. My SIL waxes and she waxed my armpits and bikini line about two weeks before I got married. That worked well, maybe because it was hot, but I have not done it since. I would never wax my legs though, as that is a lot of area to cover!

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    i think shaving is a lot quicker than hair removal cream... but i am too lazy to shave so aften thati removel them all PERMANENTLY!

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    waxing is painful and pricey, and creams irritate my skin and don't remove hair. So I'm stuck with shaving. And, it's been my experience that razors designed for men are sharper and work better. i have not idea why

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    i use gillette venus razors. i have used all of them except the bikini one. haven't seen it in stores near me. only problem with venus razors is the blade replacement. it costs more than the razor!! shave can't be beaten though.

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