Laennec Human Placenta injection adopt the quality placenta which had been passed detail selections of healthy expectant mothers. The quality is equal to those from France and Italy, but the quantity is 3 times more. Because of many constituents inside, the unit of ingredient indication is mg. Not only it has the attribute of being water-solubility, but also is a mature product that has been put in clinical practice for more than 60 years.

Benefits :
Whitens skin
Lightens facial pigmentations
Refines facial pores and adds a glow to skin
Improves skin elasticity and thickness
Improves skin texture with a more evenly toned color
Eliminates acne
Revitalizes skin
Reduces wrinkles
Rapidly moisturizes to hydrate skin
Reduces eye-bags
Enhances the development of the breasts
Firms sagging breasts
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