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    Thumbs up tips for oily skin

    can you please tell me what should i avoid to eat i have so many pimples and my age is 18

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    **Alice Jolly** Female

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    Sep 2016

    Default Tips For Oily Skin

    Well, there are some points that you should never do if you have an oily skin just to avoid such pimples because having oily skin is quite irritating. I used to suffer from this issue as well but when I looked for this issue, I found something and now I am much satisfied with my oily skin. You can try some activities that you should never do if you have oily skin.

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    Try steaming your face with some basel! It worked for me, and I also tried black mask with no results..

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    **Rose Hudson** Female

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    Nov 2016


    Thanks for the tips. It will more helpfull for oily skin

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    I would recommend you to keep watch what you eat. Make sure you eat on time take enough sleep avoid stress do the regular workout. These are few basic things if you follow you will see huge changes. Keep you skin clean wash your face with honey. You will see the result in short time. Also it is always better to consult with your dermatologist who will actually see your skin texture and advise you accordingly. All the best

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    **Katheryn Gumba** Female

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    Wash your face twice a day – once in the morning and once before bed. Use a gentle cleanser, when choosing foundation and other make-up, pick those with gel, liquid or powder bases. and No matter how tempted, don’t pick, pop or squeeze pimples as it can cause scarring and leave red spots on your face.

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    **rosaline walter** Female

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    Aloe vera gel is pretty good . Just wash your face with water once and then pat it dry with a towel and then apply the gel. Wait till the gel solidifies then wash it off . Make sure that you only use paper tissue to remove excess oil from your face .

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    Well Oily skin causes pimples in order to reduce that you need to apply mud pack every alternate day. to make mud pack take fuller's earth mix with water to make a thin paste. wash ur face apply that pack leave it to dry for 20 min. wash ur face. it will clean ur skin. and reduce pimples too.

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    **Gabbie Rien** Female

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    Pleasant Grove, Utah


    Wash your face twice a day and exfoliate weekly with a non-abrasive product to help remove any dirts or dead skin cell that could clog skin pores. Do not overwash your face. Oils produced by the sebaceous glands are important because they act as the skin's natural moisturizer. Too much washing could cause the the sebaceous glands to produce even more oils in order to replenish the lost oils.

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    **Alinn Smith** Female

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    Nov 2016

    Default Oily Skin

    If you want to moisturise the skin, then if there is any kind of liquor consumption; then say "NO" to liquor consumption. Secondly, stop consuming excess of salt.

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