cne has been getting worse so I've started using more acne products and washing my face 3 times a day because I have oily skin, but nothing is working and my acne keeps getting worse. I've been getting way more pimples around my face and blackheads but mostly on my nose. I break out the most in between my eyebrows and near my hairline, but recently I have been getting pimples on my chin. Any product suggestions or tips? Update: I exfoliate everyday, and use a cleanser everyday but do my full routine every other day because I don't want to dry out my skin.
Full routine:
Cleanser- biore deep pore charcoal cleanser
Olay scrub- Olay blackhead clearing scrub Self heating cleanser- biore warming anti blackhead cleanser
Pore minimizer- biore charcoal pore minimizer Clearasil- clearasil rapid action face scrub
P.S. -short term fixes preferred