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    I cannot see the point for it.. If you cannot accept yourself for who you are, then having cosmetic surgery is not going to change that..

    Plastic surgery fro deformation I agree with, but not so your ego can be rubbed by people who you desperately need the attention of x

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    this is a good topic. personally i do not believe in plastic surgery unless you are deformed or maimed. if you have horrific scars, or a broken nose, if you have a birth defect then yes plastic surgery is good. i can't understand people who have breast implants to make them larger or "perky" but that is just the way i am.

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    I understand the logic of saying you should accept yourself the way you are, but if you took that to its natural conclusion, you would also have to be against things like makeup and wearing clothes that make you look nicer. Why even comb your hair? Most cosmetic treatments are more about getting your face or body closer to the way it looked originally.

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    In the past, I was completely against it. Now, I am more open towards it. However, I would never try to do anything that altered my natural features. If anything, I would try to get things back like they used to be.

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    I don't think that plastic surgery is a real solution. If you don't look terrible and just want some "minor changers" - it can help you. But if you want to completely change your look and you are not happy with yourself then probably it's better to spend your money at psychologist.

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    I have to strongly disagree with these comments. Because I started menopause very early (40), I seemed to age almost overnight, I was jogging 5ks a day & doing weights & my job is physically demanding but looking in the mirror or at photos I was looking like I was 60, so I took the plunge & had a full facelift - I look exactly the same only refreshed. It was no big deal - I was back at work in a fortnight. I did however do a lot of research into the subject & found an excellent Plastic Surgeon. I certainly did not do it for any attention, I have been married for over 30 yrs so attention was not an issue. I would do it again in a hearbeat

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    I don't think that plastic surgery is good for everyone.I know its safe operation,But after that how many prevention we have to take.And its cost is very huge.This cannot easy.This mostly done by a celebrity.They lifted their nose,lips,face and teeth and many body parts.They have lots of money to spend on it and we can say that without this they cannot make money.Overall their main job is that their every body part is look perfect.So it is not necessity of common man.

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    Just say No... unless you want to say yes.

    I feel that plastic surgery is a personal choice. I personally would not do it, but I'm not against it.

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    I always thought I was opposed to plastic surgery but after having kids, I feel different. I don't know if it was just desperation, or if I'd turned a new leaf after I married a doctor, not a plastic surgeon, but just having his medical knowledge has really calmed me down regarding risks. I had a great experience at meridian plastic surgery [ Link under review ]. I don't know if it's okay to link, but I got a lot of my questions answered there.

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    Default How do you feel about plastic surgery?

    Plastic Surgery is a nice technique.I would like to say that go for plastic surgery only when it is really needed.People look more beautiful with natural beauty but i know lot of people who prefer this surgery again and again and then face lot of problems with it.Plastic surgery is a technique which discover for people having burn mark or other marks which create complex for them and they loose their confidence because of this.This is a method for helping people with serious problem but now a day people prefer this unusually.

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