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    Default Cluster of dark bumps on foreskin

    Hi all, first post here...

    Male, 27, few sex partners, no protection was used for long term relationships (2 girls). I do annual check for STD and it comes clean every time.

    Few months ago, I've discovered some spots on the foreskin during shower, after closer look it appears to be cluster of dark tiny bumps. I have no idea how long I've had it since I never noticed it until it became more evident and after paying more attention to it, it seems to be growing. Not at an alarmingly rate or anything, but slowly. After googling around, I've yet to find a picture which resembles my condition. Which brought me to this forum. Any suggestions and do I need to be concerned? Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Picture 1, normal unstretched position. (Click on the picture to view larger version)

    Picture 2, stretched the foreskin to get a better look at the bumps. (Click on the picture to view larger version)

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    Nobody has any ideas?

    I've already booked an appointment with a dermatologist but they're all backlogged until January and recently the cluster has been growing and is becoming quite a concern... Please help...

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    At a glance it does look like Penile Syringoma but Bowenoid papulosis should be ruled out. So visiting the derm and confirming the case would be the better option.

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