hi, I have started to notice TINY white spots under my foreskin when it is retracted.

They appear mostly on the sides/underneath, mainly clustered around the larger veins.

I believe they are STD related, since I first noticed only 1 or 2 clustered together exactly 2 days after unprotected sex with a new partner. I continued this for about a week but then started to use condoms when I noticed the problem spreading.

It has been around 10 weeks since I first noticed the first few spots but they have undoubtedly grown in number, spreading around to other parts of the foreskin than the area they first appeared.

I did not have these before. I looked online for info and the closest thing they look like are some of the pics I have seen of fordyce spots / subaceous glands, but I believe that they might actually be some kind of HPV or virus because of their timing (directly after my first time having unprotected sex - I wasn't very active sexually beforehand and always used protection).

I have showered with soap and water each day in and tried to keep the area dry in an attempt to clear this but it only seems to be spreading.

I have attached pics. Can somebody please help me identify what this could be since it is causing me to worry a lot.