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    Its nothing like that nail polish protects nails from breakage but yes its protect the nails from fungus that can cause to nails.
    I don't know the exact solution for nail breakage but some may have very soft nails that leads to breaking by any small harm.

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    I use a base coat by Collection 2000, I love it. It's so cheap compared to other polishes and also smoothes out the appearance of ridges on the nails and gives your nails a very shiny appearance! It's ideal under coloured polish, but also looks fab on its own!
    I believe it helps my nails look stronger and healthier.

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    **Ziesha Shey** Female

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    But I think Nail Polish helps your nail to grow and stop breakage but what can be used to prevent the cuticles side ?

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    Good quality nail polish will not effect the nails. One should apply some mustard oil after washing the hands with soap.

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    Nail-polish doesn't help too much but There are some tips for healthy nails:
    (1) use sweet almond oil on your nails several times a day. It will moisturize and condition both your nails and cuticles and make them healthy and flexible so they won't break when they bend. Pure oil is better than creams that contain the oil.
    (2) Switch from an emery board for filing to a diamond dust or sapphire file. Revlon makes an excellent diamond dust nail file. common emery boards are very coarse and can shred your nails. diamond files have far finer particles and are less harsh on the nails.
    (3) File in one direction only, don't go back and forth, again this is shredding the nail.
    (4) Use a nail strengthener. One product you have probably never heard of but is used to grow long strong nails is Mavala Scientifique penetrating nail hardener. It's not a polish or a lacquer that sits on top of the nail, it's a treatment product that you need to only use once or twice a week at the beginning, then once every two weeks after that.

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    My nails are very hard and very difficult to cut my nails

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    Apply a clear base coat when wearing nail polish.
    Avoid any nail polishes that contain toluene, formaldehyde and DBP.
    Apply hand lotion after every time you wash or wet your hands.

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    I was gifted the nail kit from Sakare by a friend and it has been my companion ever since. Now I can look to keep my nails in perfect shape without even bothering to visit a beautician.

    Best part I brought myself one of these at a such a discount rate from the Neal Street outlet that it barely made a dent in my wallet. Oh yes while I was Sakare I also open to try its nourishment mask!

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    Itís very important to remove nail polish from nails after 4 to 5 days. Leave your nails without nail colors at least one day in a week.

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    Thanks for the valuable information. However, my query is regarding the same concern but my nails have started to get weaker as the pregnancy period is passing by. I am very concerned about it. I am in the 5th month and my nails have simply become no more than the tissues. Please let me know if it is usual or do i need serious medical attention?

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