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    Default Insect bites

    What's a quick remedy for insect bites? I'm sick right now but the insects (like big mosquitoes and flying spiders--okay, they're not spiders but it looks like one!) won't leave me alone! Yesterday and today, I've had a number of bites on my legs. I think the bites are preventing me from getting better, but I'm not sure. What's a quick remedy for insect bites?

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    they usually inject venom containing protein and other substance that might cause you allergic reaction,might be immediate or delayed so be prepared for it by taking anti allergic medication while you sleep once a day.calamine lotion also helps control itching.

    do some blood testing and urine routine testing to make sure they are not harmful.

    For control always use long sleeves shirts, can also use insect repellants that can be bought in any medical stores.

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    you must be sweet!!! don't wear sweet fragrances. you should also use repellent every time you go out. spray a light mist on your clothes too. not too much. use hydrocortisone 1% for the itching. and i agree with all that 010081 suggested. hope these ideas help.

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    Sorry to hear how unwell you are, mimico.

    I have bad reactions to mosquitoes and the sites swell up in huge welts that take days to heal if I've forgotten to take my anti-allergy pills. I've tried many many lotions and potions but the best thing I've found for taking the itch out is the clear 100% Aloe Gel from Fruit of the Earth.

    You don't rub it in. Instead put a thin layer of it on and let it dry. It takes away the itch in a few minutes and definitely helps it heal quicker. I'm not sure if you can get this product in the Phillipines but this is what it looks like.

    Originally I got it for sunburn which it's also fantastic for. It makes a great hair gel as well. Hope that helps! Try popping some multivitamins too because slower healing can be a sign that you're run down. They'll give your system a boost.

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    Default hi

    hey take proper care should be taken if you are suffering from insect bites! it may leads to serious infection to your body! better consult your skin doctor asap!

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    Isect bites...Ahh!! I am scared. Even he mentioned spiders...its ok upto mosquitoes. Anyways as stated above you should use such body mist with odd fragrance that keep away these insects. Also use such cream and apply on your body where the mosquitoes bites you most. It helps.

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    Sorry to hear that mimico. To prevent those insects come and bite you, you should put insect repellent over your skin. This way, insect will refrain from going near your skin for a couple of hours. but as you said, you already of lots of insect bites now, you cam put this on to relieve the itchiness and prevent it from being infected or becoming a wound.

    It's a Chinese medicine that can easily relieve itchiness in just a matter of minutes.

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