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Thread: Skin Care Tips

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    Thanx for sharing good information.

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    When it come's for skin care instead of buying a product on market without an advice from cosmetologist will surely damage our skin so for that sake we have to address a skin care center and they will take care of our skin.
    when ever i feel uncomfortable with my skin i will go to Reflections Laser & Wellness Center located in south florida where the skin care specialist will show utmost care and love towards us.

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    Having a Wrinkles, fine lines, mark, dark circle are the major problem of every girl/woman. In the market many medical technique and anti ageing creams are available to get younger skin. But there're many home therapies to battle all signs of ageing without any negative effects.

    Some tips are below to know about the home made anti-ageing for young and glowing skin!!
    1. Egg - Egg yolk contains a special anti-ageing compound which helps in the fat production in the body and repairs the damaged skin, thus keeping the wrinkles away. Also helps for tighten the skin.
    2. Carrot and Potato - Carrots having a rich source of Vitamin A, which helps in booting the collagen production of skin. Collagen makes the skin tight and stops wrinkles thus giving a very youthful glow to your face. Potato is also a great anti aging tip or ingredient that smooths the skin while reducing wrinkles.
    3. Yogurt - Yogurt also rich in vitamin A which is anti-ageing element. It also releases wrinkle.
    4. Rose water - Rose water has the regenerating qualities and also has a soothing impact on the skin. It improves the blood flow in the capillary vessels and thus decreases thread veins. It also decreases pimples or spots and swelling under the eyes.
    5. Coconut milk - This fruit fights all signs of ageing and make skin soft and smooth. It has antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties which keeps the wrinkles away.
    6. Banana - Banana is usually known for anti-ageing properties it contains vitamin A, B and E. It is a rich source of zinc, potassium and iron which is valuable especially for females.
    7. Papaya - Our grandmothers have always recommended us to eat and implement papaya on your face. Papaya is loaded with anti-oxidants and contains a special compound known as Papain that can destroy dead cell and treat skin toxins. It also allows in regenerating new cells and provides flexibility to our skin.


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    Quote Originally Posted by aimunna View Post
    Anybody that has attempted to purchase Anti-Ageing Products knows how difficult it may be because of the numerous options on the market. The interest in the products has brought to a rise in the amount of producers creating them. It may be really perplexing trying to puzzle out the very best products to make use of especially thinking about the truth that most of them promise instant results. Based on studies, vast amounts of money is allocated to the products and regrettably, most of them don't meet their promises.

    Skin doctors suggest that people ought to be well educated and informed to be able to find out the best products on the market. Selecting products which are produced to decelerate the entire process of aging can't be done blindly unless of course for you to do more damage than good. Purchasing the best products could save you considerable time and cash, and you may avoid experimentation together with your skin. Following are a few tips to help you to select a product that really works.

    Execute research

    To discover the products that actually work and individuals that don't, it may be beneficial to handle thorough research. Researching a few of the products available will help you create a wise purchase decision. Among the best places to begin your quest reaches your dermatologist's office. You will get all the data that you'll require concerning the best elements to look for, and you may stay away from products that may be dangerous. Your skin doctor is going to be knowledgeable concerning the products that actually work best.

    Think about your skin type

    When selecting skin care products make certain that you simply think about your skin type. The very best product is a that's developed to utilize your skin. Individuals have different skin types and that's why, different products happen to be developed to match their demands. Go to your skin doctor to discover your skin type before you begin looking for the products.

    Moisturizer in it with sun block

    Search for products which have moisturizing and sun block abilities. Most skin doctors agree that skin lotions and sun screens are the very best products which you can use for anti-aging. The skin lotions which have sun block aid in reducing wrinkles so when used every day they work efficiently to slow indications of aging. You should use sun block no matter the elements.

    Buy Best Anti-Ageing Creams Online and make certain you browse the product label carefully before use. Reading through the label will help you be aware of elements contained in the product, and you may avoid individuals that induce dangerous side effects.
    agree! thanks for the advice!

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    Tips to keep Skin Soft and Glowing in winter:

    Wash in Lukewarm Water
    Moisturize Immediately Afterwards
    Choose Moisturizer Carefully
    Overnight Moisturize
    Avoid Toxins, Specifically Allergens and Irritants
    Hydrate From the Inside Out
    Change your Cleanser
    Use DIY Masks

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    okey thank you ......

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    Some tips that are very useful for skin care:

    1. Drink purified water at least 8-10 glass daily.
    2. Exercise
    3. Balance Diet and Nutritions
    4. Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Glowing Skin
    5. Cleanse the Skin With Honey
    6. Use good quality skin lotion
    For further information feel free to contact a skin specialists or dermatologists.

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    My skin care tips:
    1. Determining your skin type
    2.Buy a product according to your skin type.
    3.Invest in a good sunscreen and a moisturizer.
    4. Wash your face at least twice during the day
    5.Clean the makeup off before going to sleep.
    6.Follow the right diet for your skin.
    7. Drinking lots of water

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    really good tips especially drugpillstore, I also have the acne issue eventually have the scar issues but friend your tips are working for me !

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    Home remedies for anti-aging.

    1. Lemon Juice for Anti Aging Skincare
    2. Papaya Anti Aging Mask
    3. Aloe Vera for Anti Aging Supplements
    4. Cucumber Face Mask for Firmness
    5. Fenugreek for Anti Aging Cream
    6. Potato and Carrot Natural Face Mask for Anti Aging

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