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    Default Is this pattern of freckles normal?

    I was wondering if this cluster of freckles are normal? I've searched online and have not found anything like what I have.

    Skin Cancer? Best way to fade them? Normal? I very insecure about my cluster of freckles on the right side of my temple:/ and don't like them. Anything helps, thx.

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    Welcome to the forum john, pics is not clear, if possible post picture in normal day light.
    How old r u?
    since when have u had this?
    Does it itch, burn?
    Any other places?
    Are u on any meds?

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    Oh sorry about that.
    I'm 17.
    Since I was born although they were very light.
    No, no itch or burn.
    No just on the right temple of my forehead.
    I'm in no meds.
    Is this consider a birth mark? If so is it the reason why they don't get lighter when I use honey?

    Also around how much are lasers for this type of pigmentation? Is it in the thousands?

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