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    Default Is this penile papule or something else ??

    Hi, It's me again... I'm a bit concerned about these big sized bumps. I have penile papule but these, quite in the middle of the corona are way bigger than the others. They look like it was a lot of papule making a big one. They are there since quite a lot of time. They do not hurt, or burn... and their shape change during the day... they either get bigger or smaller. Other papule of my penis are quite soft, these a bit more rough or kinda a dry feel. A bit more whitish than the color of my skin also, but there is no puss or discharge.

    My second question is, does a co2 laser leave a scar on the penis? I am considering this option to remove all my papule thank you.

    Here are some close up picture I did hopefully you could see better than me;


    More general look

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    Hey john yes they are pearly penile papules and are harmless. They just coalesce sometimes to form a bigger papules. Yes CO2 lasers or any other destructive methods will leave scar (Scar can never be avoided by any means) but the scar will be much less noticeable . Best options is to leave it as it is, but if u are planning for laser u can go for it. Just make sure the doctor who's treating is good at it, so there won't be any complications.

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