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    Default Red dot on my foreskin

    I do believe it is the second time I've noticed it. The first time, after I've masturbated I noticed a few small red dots on the outside of my foreskin, and one that was a little bigger than the others. It does not bother me, I cannot feel anything, not even if I feel with my fingers.
    There was almost a month until next time, which is the day I wrote this. One of the dots came back. Still, I cannot feel anything when I touch or anything. The only way I discovered it was whilst I was at the toilet. I masturbated the day before that, too.
    By the looks of it, the dot(s) appear when I masturbate, and when it gets a little rough. The first time they appeared, when I masturbated it was a little rough. The second time I pulled the foreskin a little, and it might have been rough for the skin. It takes about 1-3 days before it is fully gone. I've never had sex, so it is not an STD. I do have some cream against eczema at home, if needed. Of course, I hope that it is only because the skin have been under stress.
    There is nothing else to see. There is not a dot on the same place, but in the inside of the foreskin. There is not any dots on the glans or anywhere else, either.

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    Doesn't look like worrisome to me. Could be due to rough masturbation, try to apply lubs before u do. Even Johnson's baby oil will do...

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