Over the winter, I had to wear boots alot because of the snow. I know i am getting older and my feet will fall apart like the rest of me, but can you get plaque psoriasis on the bottom of your feet? I have a very bad case. It is all over my body. I went to a derm last year for laser treatments and they worked great until i ran out of money. I had to go 3 times a week for 6 weeks. my back was almost healed. the reason i think this is psoriasis on the bottom of my feet is because the skin is coming lose like on my back only in larger chunks. my heels are only involved. they itch also. this is unlike any problem i have had with my feet. i put vicks vapor rub and socks on at night. this helps keep them smooth but in 12 hours of being on my feet they are the same way again. sorry to bother you and Saiyan but I would like your opinion. thanks