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    Default Surgical Removal Of Acne Acar

    My doctor has advice me to do a surgical removal of my acne scar.So before going to doctor i would like to know what are the methods of surgical removal of scar.Please do suggest how they really work.

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    There are few surgical treatments for acne scar.But before surgical procedure do discuss the risks thoroughly with your surgeon.Infections and color changes,additional scarring, skin thinning are always a risk.And discuss regarding your present and past health and medications.

    Some surgical treatments may include:

    Laser Skin resurfacing:
    Ablative Co2/Er:YAG laser skin resurfacing can improve the appearance of acne scar of all types but requires significant postoperative would care and recovery time.A newer fractional resurfacing device,FRAXEL,shows promice for remodeling acne scar through a series of treatments with less downtime.Nonablative laser are thought to stimulate collegen production and thereby gradually improve the appearance of pitted acne scars.

    Demarbasion using high speed diamond buffing drills can remove small and superficial scars and sometimes deep scars.However this method is lightly dependent on practioner technique and can result in scarring in untrained professionals.

    Fat transfer and injection of filler substance can be used to elevate acne scar.

    Other technique like Punch excision,Punch elevation and Elliptical excision can also be used to remove isolated ice-pick or deep boxar scars.

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    I've tried microdermabrasion already. I just simply refer to it as "diamond peel." Anyway, it's not painful at all but it's quite expensive and it hasn't worked for me! I've undergone almost 6 sessions already, once per month, but I haven't seen results. That's the worst part of it. SO I don't really recommend getting this kind of treatment.

    There's another procedure I tried which looks like it worked though. I call it IPL (which stands for intense pulse light); it's a kind of non-invasive laser surgery. The only discomfort here is that there's a burning sensation on your skin. But after my first treatment, my acne scars seem to have lightened. My dermatologist advised me to get the treatment once a month only, so I haven't been back yet. But I'll definitely go back for more! I'm hoping to get rid of all my pimple marks after 3 successive treatments.

    You might want to try this before getting other surgical treatments. It's not that expensive and it really did work on me.

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    as going for a surgical operation you must research and collect information about the procedure and be cautious.

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    Default Surgical Removal Of Acne Acar

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    Funny what would that be ? where do i see.

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    I have tried laser skin resurfacing with mine and it worked best. Have other options before proceeding to surgical methods. Okay?

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    where exactly is the scar and how big it is? also, have you tried the non-surgical methods to get the scar removed?

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    There are actually various types of Acne scars removal treatment. The one that's trending is the Acne Scar Laser Surgery. Try searching for more information.

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    There have been a number of exciting advances in laser medicine which have resulted in vast improvements in our ability to acne scar treatment. There is now a whole range of lasers that can be used to achieve satisfactory results. We now use non-ablative lasers, which, unlike CO2, do not remove the top layers of the skin and are non-destructive. These lasers have a lot less risk and are more effective at treating acne scarring than the ablatives. My treatment of choice for acne scarring is a pulsed-dye laser. One of the benefits of the pulsed-dye laser is that it can take the redness out of the acne scars. Since often acne scars are red, this can very quickly, within a month, improve the appearance of acne scars tremendously.

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