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    **Mayanikah** Female

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    Feb 2014

    Default cure for acne and pimples anti aging aswell?

    Hello everyone,

    I see this product Jarvis cosmetics, its amazing that it not only cure skin many skin problems but anti aging as well and it works in all skin type.

    I have a pimple and acne problems and i want to try it, and i can use it on my scars at the same time.
    Is there anyone of you guys already tried this product or know where to buy?


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    Hi, Thanks for sharing, I'd never tried it out yet but seems to be good to use.

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    **Monica** Female

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    Mar 2014


    In my opinion the best skin care product is Super One by Pure Chimp. Its a 2 in 1 (cleanser & moisturiser) for spots & skin redness.

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    **Julie** Female

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    Dec 2013


    Always be gentle with your skin - too many harsh products, too much scrubbing and too much heat, all lead to skin being inflamed...susceptible to outbreaks. It's important to cleanse thoroughly, with a product that is suitable for your skin-type. Exfoliation is critical, removing the dead cells on the surface that clog your pores, and let the oily debris build up in them, should be done each day. But again, gentleness. I've found that rather than scrub with my fingers, which can be too aggressive, it's better to use a tool designed to do this gently, and at the same time stimulate the cells beneath the surface to drive the toxins up. New cells are generated more quickly, and the regeneration of natural collagen happens more quickly, avoiding fine lines and wrinkles.

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    **Jeff** Male

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    Mar 2014


    I came from different tests too for my skin problem and it didn't show signs of stopping. I think this will do good for you same with me. I tried Jarvis product without thinking twice due to those trials I came from fortunately it's working.To see is to believe so you may try it yourself. Check them out here there's more,,, we should avoid fatty and salty foods. Be conscious with the brands of moisturizer that we use.Consider which one is good for you not because of the price but the fineness that fits your skin. JArvis is new but totally effective, maybe you've never heard about it because it's totally new. I just tried their trial kit and it's perfect for me. It's kinda fun example not because of the brand yet your skin condition matters most.

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    Dear jrobkciz, please write did you tried Jarvis cosmetics? if so, what results? thank you.

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    Hi all, instead of using cream and facial products, I've heard that using Laser treatments is actually really effective! If i'm not wrong... the technology is called laser resurfacing as it does something that helps with the skin to look younger and even gets rid of acne scars! If you're interested, I'll help you find out the name!

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    **Emily Kristina** Female

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    Aug 2013


    I use ******** skin cream for my skin. It really gives new life to my skin. Now, I have very glowing and wrinkle free skin because it is a one solution for all skin problems. I think every should try this cream for flawless skin.

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    Skin exfoliation is the most important beauty treatment that you should follow in order to maintain healthy, glowing and pimple free skin. Brown sugar is one of the mildest natural exfoliater. It removes the dead cells, dirt, sebum and impurities from the pores, which causes pimples.

    Mix together 3 teaspoons of brown sugar in 1 teaspoon of honey.
    Once dry after 15 minutes wash off with cold water and pat dry.

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    **Manisha** Female

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    Jul 2014


    I have got acne and my overall skin condition is problematic with large pores. I tried many different products but they are not working for my skin. I have heard about proactiv that it works well for acne.
    Does any one know where to buy proactiv products from?

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