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    Default Can acne medication cause depression

    i have been suffering from acne since past 6-7 yrs and is using some anti-acne creams not improved as said,now i heard thet acne drugs will cause it true,if its so what causes depression and why please anyone has faced this problems.what is your reaction to this?

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    I don't think so. I've been using acne meds for almost 10 years already and I'm not depressed at all. I guess depression is linked to the acne condition primarily because you can become depressed over how ugly you look when you have too many red dots of your face. I don't think it has anything to do with the medicine though...

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    There are many lists of drugs that cause depression.Antibiotics,anti-hypertensive, anticonvulsants, cancer drugs are said to cause depression. And anti-acne drug isotretinoin (Accutane) is associated with depression.But it is still unclear as 85-95 percent of teenagers have some form of acne during their life esp. teenagers aged 15-20 years and it is said that around 15% of teenager from 15-20 have have some kind of clinical depression. So both depression and acne so side by side in teenage life.As mimico said people gets depressed as how they look.Its not the medication but self feeling about acne that makes them depressed.

    There were several tests done to see if anti-acne drugs was causing depression or it was just people self feeling leading to depression but there is not the perfect answer,so its difficult to say that these drugs can cause depression.lets hope for more research on this.

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    yea i agree to all mimico and 010081,it might be due to depression that they have acne,everyone wants to be beautyful and handsome and acne might be causing the depression not the drugs

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