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    Default Symptoms of genital herpes

    What are the symptoms of genital herpes?

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    The symptoms of herpes can differ from one person to the next. First, realize that there are two types of herpes; Herpes 1 and Herpes 2. It is a common mistake to believe that one of these types of herpes causes genital herpes and that the other causes oral herpes . The fact is that either of them can be present in either region of your body, although HSV 1, or Herpes 1 , prefers to live in the mouth region of the body.

    Very often there are none. The most common symptom is a cluster of blistery sores usually but not always on the vagina, vulva, cervix, penis, buttocks, or anus. Symptoms may last several weeks and go away. They may return in weeks, months, or years.

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    Do not practice oral sex when the one doing it has oral herpes. It will become genital.

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    Genital herpes is also called STD that disease is caused by the herpes simplex viruses. Pain, tiny white blisters, ulcers and scabs are the main symptoms of genital herpes.

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