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    **kevinkrieger** Male

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    Nov 2013

    Default Daily care for acne??

    There are factors that can make acne worse like hormonal change, oil from skin products, pollution, stress and others. So how Should People With Acne Care for Their Skin?

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    if you visit a dermatologist, they will provide you some sort of beauty products that will work but once you stop using it, skin infections will come back. and this is because as my doctor said, its in the blood and stress. you should first try eating healthy.

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    hello, Eat lots of wholegrain, seeds & nuts, pulses, vegetables, lean protein.
    Drink green tea and plenty of water. Have a coffee also. one Important is that exercise daily. Use that Moisturizer that don't dry your skin Look for "noncomedogenic" on the label, which means it should not cause acne.

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    You may use pure chimp super cream to have no acne.
    It helped me much.

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    **janine ann** Female

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    Feb 2014


    wanna share the product i've tested.. this is called jarviscosmetics.. i have a acne in my face and skin..
    i've tried many products but i can't find anything that will really works for me.. until i try this jarviscosmetics..
    they are not already sale on the market but i heard they will be launching of the product this May..
    and the good thing about the product its organic and no chemicals that will harm your skin.. especially with the sensitive skin..
    but aside from this product the important thing to be eat healthy and exercise its good for hydrating your skin and helps your immune system..
    avoid smoking and take a lot of sleep.. hope this will help..

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    **Katrine** Male

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    I am sharing my experience
    Gently cleanse my face every night and follow up with Pure Chimp Super Cream.
    Eat whole grains, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and lean meat most of the time.
    Cut out sugar and dairy. I found this easy. Just started using fructose & honey to sweeten things.
    Cut down on masturbating. Crazy I know but this genuinely helps.

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    **Jeff** Male

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    There are a lot of products that can replenish our skin. One of them that I tried was jarvis cream. It will be more effective if you gonna use it with serum. no harm at all I'm sure and you can review their site first before trying the products. It will help you a lot especially skin diseases. It seriously penetrating through skin and activating the dead blood cell. Just a suggestion for you.....

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    **Kollin** Female

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    Oct 2013


    I have used pure chimp natural super cream to have no skin problems.
    I like how they work.

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    **Emily Kristina** Female

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    Aug 2013


    Simply follow the healthy diet means fresh fruits and vegetables, Don't touch your face with dirty handy because it causes acne. Water is best friend for our body so drink plenty of water. Do exercise daily as it helps in circulate our blood. Wash your face twice a day with good cleanser. Follow this routine if you want your skin acne free.

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    **Garrett Hnatiuk** Male

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    May 2014


    Acne is normal at tender age the little damage has been done we ain't do much about this because its always recommended to not touch the acne or peel because it spreads the acne,all you are able do is use clear skin astringent after 2hrs and when you can get retino apply it at night ,you will notice the result in a day.

    Just in case you can't acquire it try to get perfonate powder and sprinkle it around the acne.

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