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    Question Using a foundation

    Hi guys, I bought a foundation that was a little too dark for my complexion a while back and though I like using it because of the coverage, I end up with my face color not matching my neck and arms! So recently, I bought another foundation which is too light for my skin and when I apply it on top of the darker foundation, it turns out perfect!

    The only problem is that my face looks too heavily made up. Sometimes it cakes up too, but more of often than not, the problem is the un-natural look when you look closely. I want a very smooth and subtle look. How do I accomplish that when I have to use 2 different shades of foundation?

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    I recommend you to change your foundation, for I'm also using a foundation and I'm proud to say that Im satisfied and very much contented with it. Maybe you should try this too . It is kokuryu summer cake foundation available for every skin type and tone. And the good thing is, it cost less.

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    did you try mixing the two shades? then it won't be like putting on double. try a little of both and apply it and see how it goes.

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    Mimico, what I would suggest you do is combine one third foundation number 1, one third foundation number 2 and one third light moisturizer. Just mix equivalent amounts of each, however much you need for your face, on the back of your hand. Once they are all well blended, then apply it to your skin.

    If it's caking, you're using far too much and/or you're adding powder on top too soon. When I put on foundation I only use about three quarters of a teaspoonful for my whole face and neck. You'll find if you mix in that extra third of moisturizer it will spread more easily, blend better and give a more even and subtle coverage. Use a light moisturizer like Olay for mixing, nothing too heavy or thick like a night cream. Heavy creams don't blend nearly as well.

    Give the foundation a few minutes to dry before adding powder. If you can touch your skin after applying it and it no longer feels tacky or damp to the touch, that's when you can put on the powder to set the look. When you powder too soon, it can clump and that looks messy. Patience will be rewarded.

    It's also worth investing in a powder brush rather than using the sponges that come with them. Your powder will go further and not give you that caked look because it's not being applied so heavily. Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

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    If the two shades combined are working for you then just mix the two shades in another bottle. You might need to play around with the ratios i.e. a little more of the dark and a little less of the light or vice versa.

    Adding moisturiser won't give you adequate coverage if the finish is already perfect for you.

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    You can mix the two shades and then use it or i suggest its better to use mineral foundation. Mineral foundations doesnt give unnatural look.

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