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    I have been having bad strecth marks after giving birth around my abdominal area. I've tried so many products and most of it main ingrediant are from cocoa butter. Any other way I could reduce the mark?

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    Sorry, I only know about one product called Palmer's which also uses cocoa butter. Many of my aunts and cousins swear by it though. Maybe it takes a while to get rid of stretch marks? Have you tried doing sit ups?

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    There are many OTC treatment available,just consult your doctor to recommend one.besides this drink plenty of water to rehydrate your body.Stop taking more caffine(coffee,tea) this will more increase the risk of your skin marks.Make sure your take adequate nutritional diet which might be deficit during your pregnancy.Take food which are rich in zinc(nuts or fish),protein rich foods like eggs,foods/fruits containing vitamins A and C, like carrots and citrus fruits and milk.This would help in reduring your stretch mark.

    If you are planning for surgical measures chemical peels,dermabrasion, or laser surgery might help,but do consult your dermatologist about this issue.

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