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    Unhappy Urgent help please :P Ty

    Okay im 15 and i have this all my life but it kinda grew over the years and got darker. SO basically its just this brown patch that has hair on it only on that area it looks really weird now that i realized... and its starting to bug me a little. It's not itchy or anything right not i already saw a derma and i did a laser treatment once and im suppose to go for it like another 10times...and he got me on some steroid cream twice a day i think it's called Elomet or something. but this first round of laser did like absolutely nothing it looks the same....and i will have to travel bk to Sydney in 2months time so i wouldnt be able to finish the laser...and im kinda self-concious about it now. anyone can let me know what it is? and maybe someway to actually REMOVE it not instantly but eventually. Ty { i also included a picture of it please dont get nightmares ;(...}IMG_1891[1].jpg

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    Welcome to the forum Bobby. so you have been to the derm, he might have explained what is it and its benign nature.

    Anyway it look like Becker Melanosis (Becker Nevus) and doesn't require any treatment. If you are worried and concern about it, it can be removed with lasers, but be warned, there is no guarantee that it will completely go away without any scarring. Scarring is common after laser (depends on type of laser used, your skin type and the professional hands). Well.. repetitive laser treatment might help fade the pigmentation.. at-least 3-4 sittings is required to see the satisfactory results.

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