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    Default Hair loss-inheritance

    If my father and my grandfather are both bald, does it mean that I will be also bald in the future for sure?

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    yea sometimes linked to genetic but not always i guess.

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    Most of the times genetics plays important role in hereditary diseases. Common disease is hair loss. When at you young age, if you start to lose hairs, do not loose hope and please do consult your doctor for a remedy.

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    genetic plays role but not for everyone esp. cause women from bald father won't have bald hair too.
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    Inheritance plays most important role in hair fall problems.But fi you take proper care of your hairs then it can be reduced significantly.
    Apply natural cleansing agents for hairs like curd.

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    Hair loss can be genetic especially from father to son and grandson etc. Female pattern baldness is especially high in mother to daughter or sisters. So it is not 100% but your chances are much higher if you have family members of the same sex who have baldness or are going bald.

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    Never seen a case where baldness has been moved genetically in females, actually never seen a bald women, Well I took a genetics and heredity course in university many factors should be taken into consideration like what type of inheritance (autosomal/sex chromosomes, the gene encoding for proper hair growth recessive or dominant) but its hard to predict without researching your family tree.

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    i haven't seen its inheritance too yea male to male is possible but male to female is rare but female to female might occur.
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    Chances are yes. Hair loss is genetically transferred from the parents to the next generation. It is inevitable indeed. I don't know if there is a cure for this. Any suggestion here?

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    My great grandfather, grandfather & father were bald so there was no hope for me

    I guess sometimes it cannot be stopped.. & besides, I am used to having no hair now lol

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