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    **kevinkrieger** Male

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    Nov 2013


    Things that can help whiten your teeth:
    1. Baking Soda
    2. Orange Peel
    3. Strawberries
    4. Hydrogen Peroxide
    5. Lemon
    6. Salt
    7. Apples

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    Avoid eating too much sweet which too badly attack on teeth and always make habit of two time brush your teeth whole day.

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    Gently rubbing of banana peel for about 2 minutes whitens teeth

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    **Lisha Dukes** Female

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    Baking soda works, there are available toothpaste with baking soda more convenient to use. You can also go to your dentist for teeth whitening. Avoid drinking coffee and smoking.

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    Okay we GOT tips how to make teeth white. So how about tips how to treat dry socket? As those who don't know, dry socket is one of the most painful dental problems during adulthood. There is still no reasonable answer for this problem, but the bacterial infection is believed to be the main cause. Besides, the possibility of suffering from dry socket is higher if you are used to smoking and have poor dental hygiene.
    Painful feeling is definitely one of the very first and most annoying symptoms of dry socket. On the other hand, you might have bad breath and uncomfortable taste in the mouth. In some severe cases, the pain may spread to the ears, eyes and necks as a result of the connection among these parts of the body. Fever is commonly seen as well.
    Other symptom can include:
    Total or partial loss of the blood clot at the right position of the tooth extraction
    Visible bone occurring the socket
    Pain that is from the socket to the eye, ears, neck or temple on the same side of the face which has the extraction
    Swollen lymph nodes around the neck or jaw.
    It is so annoyed that I search for this article , which able to tell home remedies to treat this symptom. Luckily, it worked so I want to share with you guys how to get through it. Because after all, teeth are very important in our lives.

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    **Wang Xiang** Male

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    talk one or two pinch of salt and add 2 to 3 drops of mustard oil in it mix it and use it like toothpaste. it will help in bleeding gums and teeth whitening.
    one can also rub charcoal on the teeth for teeth whitening.

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    **Clara** Female

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    Nov 2018


    Thanks for sharing your tips! My dental health is really important to me so I try to visit a dentist twice a year. I also prefer using natural care products instead of chemical ones. Here is the bamboo toothbrush I've purchased. It's totally organic and it also a good way to reduce the usage of plastic to make our planet cleaner.

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