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    Default solution for thin lips

    f you have thin lips, always choose pale shadows of lipstick as these make lips look much fuller. Never use a dark and intense colors will make your lips look a lot smaller.

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    thanks for tips

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    It can also help to make your lips look fuller if you outline just barely out of the actual edge with lipliner and then fill in with your lipcolor. Edging also makes your lipcolor last longer. A smidge of shine in the middle of your lip also adds to the illusion of fuller lips.

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    Have you tried using lip plumpers? There are many lip glosses nowadays with lip plumping ingredients. i don't really know what it is but I bought something from Lip Venom (that's the brand) a few months ago which made my lips look fuller and poutier. It also made my lips sting a little because it was too minty...

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    Yes I have heard of such products and they reportedly contain collagen. By using them regularly for a long time they can plump ones lips. It would be a great solution for thin lips.

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    I am still waiting here. Wow Great site. Thanks for giving this concept related information. Really very useful information and tips. Thank you so much… Edging also makes your lip color last longer. A smidge of shine in the middle of your lip also adds to the illusion of fuller lips.

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    paulspnao, here we go again. you take the comments of a couple of our real people and make them yours. are you sure you're not a parrot?

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    Try using a lip product that has irritants in it, such as cinnamon, which causes the blood to rush to the lips and make them appear bigger. Although this only may last a couple of hours, depending on the product, it's good option if you only want bigger lips for a special occasion or a date.

    You can also try hydrating lip products that help pump up the volume in your lips. There are quite a few of these products available on the market nowadays and you can even find lipsticks and lip glosses that will help make your lips bigger. Check around your local drugstore for these products.

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    I don't have thin lips but I dug out some articles and found a few steps to give you a fuller lip.

    - Applying foundation onto your lip is optional.
    - Draw a line with the liner from the outer part of your lip to the middle. Draw it slightly above your lip line. Do the same for both sides and on top and below. Connect in the center.
    - Fill in the drawn area with your lip color. And you now have a fuller lips.

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    Dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxer can be injected into the lips and the areas around the lips to enhance the shape and size of lips.

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