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    Default The best hair straighteners

    I want to make my hair what are the best hair straighteners in town.can anyone recommend some which worked best for you.

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    You can try STROB Hair Straightener with 5 interchangeable plates,cost around RS 700..

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    chi straightener is the best

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    i have heard lot more about chi straightener ,i'll see it ,and STROB Hair Straightener too can we get in india or not..?

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    **Deepak Ghimire** Male

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    yea you can easily get in india too.

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    Hair straighteners might damage your hair though. I just go to the salon and have my hair permanently straightened (called "hair relax therapy"). It costs around $60 depending on your hair length and what salon you go to of course. My hair never gets damaged this way, and it stays straight until the new hair grows. I highly recommend having this procedure done instead.

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    I prefer using a flat iron to straighten my hair then using permanent treatments because i like to wear my hair differently time to time. I use a Philips Hair straightener that i bought for Rs. 2000 a long time ago. It works fine for me.

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    **Barbara Davidson** Female

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    I prefer using straightening brushes. The main thing is to choose such straightening brush which is appropriate for your type of hair. My hair is curly, but I can make it wavy or straight with my Asavea electric hair brush. I decided to buy it after reading this post about the best hair straighteners. It's written there which tools are suitable for different hair types. Hope it will come in handy for you too.

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    What type of hair do you have? For example, I have long curly hair, but I'm afraid to perm it or use a flat iron. I checked this article and then bought the cheapest straightening brush on Amazon. Works for me.

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    I believe in a healthy diet for making hair stronger and lengthy. It will help you to get your favorite hairstyle and color for special occasions. Also, prefer to use the product without chemicals.

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