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    Default Advanced Skin Tightening Product Needed

    Hello Everyone! I am desperately searching for a product that will help my jiggly skin all over the place, including my legs, arms and stomach area. Can anyone give a few tips of some stuff they have had any success with? I would prefer to stay out from under the knife and do it as naturally as possible.

    Thanks for all your help!

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    No one has any suggestions huh?? What about skin tightening treatments? Has anyone ever tried them before? I would be interested in hearing some feedback. Thanks!

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    **Brenda Humerick** Female

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    Default you do not say how old you are

    but the only thing to help saggy skin is excercise and massage. you have to develop the muscles under your "saggy skin" but it takes time and patience and work. for your legs you could walk. for your arms as you walk use 2 lb weights, one in each hand. tummy do correct tummy excercises. facial sags can be reduced by massage. hope i helped. as you age the elasticity in your skin is lost, but if you work on each area and tone your muscles it will help all the saggy skin.

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    Exercise is a good solution of this problem. It burn the fat and not harm the skin. Vitamin C is best for skin and drink lots of water every day.

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    **kevinkrieger** Male

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    Scrubs helps tighten skin after weight loss and drink lots of water to keep hydrated your skin. Also consume lean protein after a workout.

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    **Julie** Female

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    I'm finding my aging skin is losing it's elasticity now - for example, sleep lines and creases that used fade away over the day are now staying and becoming permanent. I use exfolients, and am looking at an ultrasound massager, rather than keep buying more and more products on speculation. But one thing that has caught my attention is a derma roller. It seems that "it stimulates the skin with fine needles and according to what I read it has been proven that the Biological tissue of our body can absorb light and convert the light to energy, during which a series of chemical reactions happen—photo decomposition, photo oxidation, photo polymerization, photo sensitization. Light with different wavelength has different functions.

    405 nm blue: this kind of light is used mainly to treat acne and inflammation skin. It has great functions of antibiosis, anti-inflammatory, regulate excessive sebum secretion and make skin smooth and glossy.

    633 nm red: this kind of light is used to heal up the invasive skin. The growth of muscle and skin cell is 5 times faster than normal growth speed after the treatment, which improves organism resistance and accelerate metabolism.
    this kind of light can be absorbed by cell chondriosome and result in enzymatic reaction"
    Obviously the other benefits - smooth glossy skin - are appealing, but I like the idea that it speeds up the growth of muscle and skin cells. I've take then from the website looking at a product called 'New Derma Roller with LED Light'.

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    **Julie** Female

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    Dec 2013


    Absolutely agree re the water and the post-workout protein! I find a protein shake of somekind is idea for this...get both in one shot! (not to take the place of clear water, of course!).

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    Thanks everyone! I have been using a how to tighten skin care product and it seems to be giving me visible results! I am pretty happy overall and may try another 15 days in the near future. I will keep you all posted.

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    I would like to add one more effective and helpful product in the list which is Dermology anti aging cream. I am too much familiar with this product and you'll get good results indeed.

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    **Jeff** Male

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    Absolutely..... exercise and good diet will help you a lot. Yet need to gain more patience on it. it's not hard but we can sense a good result.... In addition you can use jarvis cream as well which is good to tighten the skin helping your natural remedies....I used that product too and waiting for them to launch this year to avail more.....

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