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    The appearance of dark circles under the eyes is quite a common problem, bothering both men and women around the globe. Have you ever wondered How to get rid of Dark Circles in Dubai or any other place in the world? There are a number of treatments available to correct this problem, including topical eye creams and serums, laser therapy, skin resurfacing and injectable dermal fillers. You should try this treatment or read information about dark circles yesterday I found this.

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    Hi ,as you mention that instead of taking several preventive measures you are not getting rid of dark circles in such case you should apply some natural home remedies such as applying almond oil at night before going to bed ,juices of cucumber ,potatoes and tomatoes will definetly help you to get better result by applying these methods.

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    There are a few ways u can try and see which one best suits u.

    - Gua Sha. This is a traditional way but not all clinic will know how to use this tactic. You may want to find one and try. The one i tried is at waterway point. quite good
    - DIY. Cold tea bag. Leave it for 10mins. Twice a week and somehow I think is effective - at least to provide comfort for my tired eyes
    - Aesthetics treatment. The recent treatment i went to, is radium medical at Suntec. I do see my eyes are looking better the next day after the treatment. But do check with the doctor if it is suitable for u or not.
    - DIY. Home massage. Can use the roller and do it yourself after shower. apply some eye cream and roll around the eyes.

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    Apply an under eye gel and creams to get rid off them. Also you can use concealers to hide them when you want to go out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skinthatilivein View Post
    Same problem here! I've been dealing with dark under-eye circles literally since I can remember. I heard that it is hereditary. Then I heard it is because of having a 'thin skin'. Another article said that it is because of dramatic weigh loss/bad diets or even parasites! I didn't get to the 'centre' of the problem even though I sleep like you around 7-9 hours, am on a healthy vegan diet etc. I turned to external remedies like jojoba oil. It is quite leightweigh and I am applying a few drops of it in the morning and before I go to bed. I started seeing an improvement after 2 weeks (I would insert a comparison photo but I don't want to scare you ). The one that I am using is quite nice and it has a serum formula so it is really easy to apply:
    I agree with you. Jojoba oil is amazing! I am always looking for vegan, pure products and this one you just recommend looks great. Will try it. Thanks!

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    Use can use cucumber, coconut oil and take 8hrs sleep to overcome dark circles around eyes.

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    consult to valid dermatologist

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    you can must try these home ingredients to get rid of dark circle
    1.sweet almond oil for dark circles
    2.aloe vera gel for dark circles
    3.argan oil for dark circles cider vinegar for dark circles
    5.coconut oil for dark circles
    6.caster oil for dark circles
    7.cucumber for dark circles
    8.tomato for dark circles tea bag for dark circles
    10.rose water for dark circles

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    Additionally, environment and seasonal allergies also could be reasons.

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