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    Default painful rash after shaving

    Every time i save i get this painful rash,thought i always change the razor and use shaving creams.Anyone has the remedy what should i do to avoid this rashes..

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    Try some Shaving Machine this might help

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    yea using shaving machine might be the better option.. have you tried..

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    try shaving in the hair direction ie downward, don't shave opposite this might also help prevent rash.

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    Default Conditioner instead of shaving cream

    I have found that conditioner works better for me than shaving cream. Any conditioner will do. I get mine from the dollar store! Also, a good think lotion works well also. You just have to make sure you are really cleaning your razor well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elvis37 View Post
    Every time i save i get this painful rash,thought i always change the razor and use shaving creams.Anyone has the remedy what should i do to avoid this rashes..
    I think that has something to do with razorburn.

    Try applying some rubbing alcohol to the area that you shave, then afterwords apply a moisturizer.

    It works wonders for me lol

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    I have this problem sometimes, Its nothing to do with the razer you are using its prob down to have sensitive skin like I have. When you are shaving, make sure you have plently or soap (I use Dove and it works like a treat) Then after you have finished put on some moisturiser to help sooth it. Hope this helps

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    go for shaving machine then

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    Use conditioning gel for shaving, which is available in markets now. It makes the mustach and beard to get soften and after it gets soften, shave it, you wont get rashes and skin too will be soft.

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    Red bumps after shaving may be due to:
    • ingrown hair (if you have curly hair) - red bumps
    • inflammation of hair follicles, usually from staph infection (barber's itch) - red bumps, from which some may have white heads - they actually look like pimples. The problem is, if you are carry Staphylococcus aureus on your skin or nose. Over the counter antibiotic ointments can be get to get rid of nasal staph carrier state. To get rid staph from the skin, ask a doctor
    • fungal infection - tinea barbae

    Search in Google images for folliculitis or ingrown hair.

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