Hi there, I have been using retin a 0.1% for about 3 weeks, I know that is early for results, I have lip lines on the lower and upper lips, they look horrible, I was told to use this, I have experienced some soreness and a couple of nasty spots, but I know that is normal, however some days my lines look like they are being reduced and other days they look worse.
I have read that quite a few people have experienced more wrinkles and worsening of existing wrinkles that do not go away after a years use, I have also read that some people have had the most fantastic results and would not live without it.
Now I know you have to give it time to work, but I am now terrified I am going to end up being one of those people that get worse before better as they say it does and mine do not get any better, I am 46 years old and have always looked young for my age so these lines that incidentally got stamped on me over night were a big shock, I know that I am going to age and have got laughter lines, and can deal with those, it is the lip lines that I cannot deal with, I have looked at other people and the most with the lines that I have got are in their 60's I am petrified of what I am going to look like when I am 60' can anyone please help me??
Also any fantastic non oily moisturiser tips that I can use witty retin a? Thank you for reading! Mandy