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    Default White-looking clogged pores/small bumps all over face - What are these??

    For a while now I've been getting these little white bumps on my face; they started out mainly on my forehead, which is easily the greasiest part of my face, so I thought it was just overproduction of oil clogging my pores. However then I started getting them on the sides of my face, which are not oily at all, so I'm guessing this may not be as simple as overproduction of sebum. At first it was always the same three spots on each side of my face that had the little white clogged pore, but lately it's been clusters of the little bumps (mainly on the right side of my face) and now I even get them on my chin, around my mouth area, and around my nose. If I try to squeeze them out, some won't pop at all and the ones that do just let out either a string of white waxy/soft stuff or a little yellowish/clear hard ball of gunk. I've read online about milia, and I thought for a while it was likely that's what these were but now I'm not so sure so I wanted a second opinion. If anyone knows anything about what these are and how to get rid of them, please let me know as they're getting kind of annoying! Thanks.
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    sorry the pictures aren't very clear, the bumps are much more noticeable in person.

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    Hi Leslie ! The lesions seems like closed comedones ( white heads)to me. Squeezing of the lesions should be strictly prohibited as there is chance of infection and permanent scar. So occasional gentle exfoliation and moisturizing with and oil free moisturizer may be helpful. Also retinoids like adapalene, tretinoin may be applied topically for removal of substances which clogs the pore of pilosebaceous unit.

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