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    Default Please help me! (scarring issue)

    So about 5 weeks ago I had a mole removed from the left side of my nose. It was healing relatively well but me being as self-conscious as I am, I decided to go ahead and do a laser treatment on the scar which I was promised would only reduce the redness of said scar. Not at all what happened. It definitely made the scar a lot worse and less flat and consistent than it was before. But my MAIN concern is that its been 12 days since the laser treatment and now there is this raised white bump in the middle of the scar (see pic). I can see very tiny red veins running through the bump and it looks HORRIBLE. I mean just terrible.

    Does anyone have an idea what this may be or how much longer I can expect it to be there? I've become a recluse and don't even want to go out to the store because of how self-concious I feel about this. The picture doesn't really do it justice as to how much it stands out but you get the idea.

    Please help. 5 minutes dont go by without me freaking out about this. The uncertainty is killing me.

    Thanks for your help,
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    Welcome to the forum Dave, picture doesn't look clear, does it look like blood-blisters, is it hard or soft? do u have keloid or other raised scars on any parts of ur body? could be pyogenic granuloma or any other benign lesion, a clear picture would be grateful.

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    I know, sorry about the picture quality but the only camera I have is the one on my phone and unfortunately thats as clear as I could get it.

    Essentially though, what you're looking at is a relatively newly formed scar thats red and still a bit tender BUT in the middle of the redness is a raised, much lighter colored "bump". It is almost like a blister for sure but not discolored like a blood blister. It showed up about 4 days after the laser procedure and has only proceeded to get larger.

    ANY input is welcome guys, please help me try to figure out what this is/ if it will go away or if its something I need to be concerned about.


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    hi Dave! welcome to dermatalk. though your picture is very unclear your condition can be post injury granuloma with milia on top. the best way of mole removal is by surgical excision,laser is not considered a good way of mole removal. you can consult your doctor and inform him/her about your condition.

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