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    Default Protect your head when you walk in the sun.

    Sunburn irritates your skin, which responds by creating a natural inflammatory compound called superoxide. Do you know, superoxide is also the messenger that tells your hair follicle to move from a growth phase to a shedding phase?

    Sun exposure also makes hair shaft more fragile. The hair may grow back after sunburn, but they wonít be as hardy. Whether you are beach combing or playing gully cricket, wear a cap. A spray-on sun-block may provide a little protection, but itís not nearly as smart as covering your head. So, throw on a cap.

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    I am working in Marketing field. So I used to move around city everyday with my bike and I used to wear helmet but even though I wear helmet it never protect my head from sun. Still now I am suffering from falling of hair. Do you have any idea in this situation???

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    Everyone should protect themselves from the sun. It should not matter whether they have hair or not. They should act like they do not. The sun can penetrate a head of hair just like it can a thin tissue paper.

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    we should be protecting our manes on a daily basis. Before you go slapping sunscreen onto your strands, hold up. There are other less greasy ways to keep your locks protected. Our first line of defense against the sun is wearing a hat. Choose one that covers all of your hair, or tuck longer locks underneath it.

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