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    Default Pimples that won't go away

    Hi there, I have these 2 pimples on my nose and a few above my lips that have been there for about 3 months, they won't go away, and I don't know what they are. I've tried benzoyl peroxide treatments, salicyllic acid treatments, and my doctor gave m epiduo, but nothing is working. Any idea what they could be?/ How to get rid of them? I'm attaching pics, any help would be appreciated!

    photo (2).jpgphoto (3).jpg

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    Hello John,
    That should go away after a while.
    My advice is just to let them heal. But you have another options to:
    1. see a dermatologist again and ask him to pop them.
    2. check out this video
    Do you know what seborrheic keratosis is?

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    Hi John! Welcome to our forum. The lesion on your nose though resembles acne, but lesions over lips doesn't seem like acne to me rather they appear to be warty over the surface, so could you attach a better picture for us. Also are lesions pus filled, water filled or solid? Are they painful or itchy? How is the surface Over the lesion?

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    A combination of lemon juice and rose water when applied on the pimples and left for half an hour is a good remedy for pimples.
    Lemon juice when mixed with ground nut oil and then applied on the affected surface.
    A combination of honey and cinnamon powder is a natural home remedy.
    In sever case you have to consult with dermatologist.

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    **John Malone** Male

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    Hey guys, thanks for your suggestions. The lesions are all the same. Small, solid, not filled with anything I don't think, and not painful at all, just unsightly. They are red, with small white dots inside them, and they've all been there for about 2 months, with more popping up

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    Hi John! You didn't mention weather the surface is smooth or warty and your picture of individual lesions is also not very clear, but from the description of the lesion, it seems like either molluscum contagiosum or common wart to me. I think sending close up picture of individual lesions may be helpful in making correct diagnosis. Avoiding shaving the lesion may be helpful in order to avoid autoinoculation and spreading.

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    You should go to the dermatologist to get rid of it .

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    Be sure to stay clean up your face as much as possible and don’t use any kind of hurting products for your skin.

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    Use toothpaste on the affected area before going to bed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marclewis View Post
    Use toothpaste on the affected area before going to bed.
    I want to know is it really helpful?

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