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    Default Can someone identify these light brown patches?(pics)

    I'm a little worried about these brown patches that suddenly appeared. I was diagnosed with tinea versicolor a year ago, but those were white circular spots on my back, which don't bother me much anymore, but they are still there in small amounts. But suddenly, I got these brown non circular patches on my upper abdomen. It started as two, then turned to three and they grew in size very quickly. Then, I started to get them on my chest (not on my breasts though) and now they are on my shoulders. I wasn't worried at first, but not only are they spreading like wild fire but they are also very itchy and so they bother me a LOT. I dont have insurance, but I made an appt with a doctor that caters to patients with no insurance... however, a new appt was not until next month! ): I made the appt, but the wait is too long and I'm getting anxious. I'm especially anxious since my grandfather had skin cancer, and he even died from cancer.... can someone help? I just want to KNOW!
    (the first pic shows the patches on my upper abdomen and the second shows new patches that formed on my shoulder)

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    Hi ! Welcome to the forum. Your picture is not so clear, so can you please sent a better picture? Also wanna ask you, are the lesions scaly?

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    Hi, thank you for the reply. I apologize for the low quality photos, I only have my cell phone camera to use :/ As far as scaly, I'm not sure. I haven't seen them peel or anything, but when I scratch it, it does have dead skin come off, but not on it's own. I have to scratch really hard for that to happen.

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    I tried taking better photos. Hopefully this is easier to see.

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    Hi Al! Though this picture too is not very clear but from what I can see and your past history it doesn't seem like any sort of skin cancer rather brownish type of pityriasis versicolor. Applying anti fungal creams and wash as well as keeping the area clean and dry can be helpful

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    Thanks for your input. I hope your right, didn't know they come in brown versions too!

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