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    Default Mystery Rash?? Two Doctors Both Stumped


    About 3 weeks ago I noticed a rash on my upper back and both of my ears. I had a vaginal yeast infection at the time, so I thought it might be a yeast infection on my skin. I told my doctor and she didn't even really look at it. She just told me to put yeast infection medicine on it. I did that and it did not help at all. I just went to another doctor today and he had no idea what it is. It's now all over my body and it itches like CRAZY. The rash on my back looks and feels like red pimples (plus INTENSE itching) but it's not horribly noticeable. Many of the bumps blend in with my skin. The tops of my ears are dry, flaky, and scaly, but the other parts of my body it just looks like pimples. It's starting to spread to my face and legs... EVERYWHERE except my genitals so far.. I was given prednisone but he told me it might not work because he doesn't know what it is. I took 5 of the prednisone (as prescribed) and no relief at all still. He said if it was going to work it should work pretty fast. I have been under an extreme deal of stress lately, and I'm wondering if perhaps that might be what's causing it. I can't really afford a dermatologist, but I'm planning on going to one ASAP. In the meantime I'm wondering if anyone has any clue what this might be and what I can do to find some relief. Nothing I have tried has worked and I've tried just about everything over-the- counter. It's driving me insane!! Help please.

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    Welcome to the forum Jo, can u please upload the picture including the one on the ears. What medications were you given? what medications are u on recently? Were u on medication when the rash appeared? if yes what medications (Name all oral medications). What you do? (profession). have u been to any new places recently? How old are you? any other flu-like symptoms or anything u could describe?

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    Yes upload a picture so we can see.

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