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    Default Diagnosed with bowenoid papulosis

    Few weeks ago i was diagnosed with bowenoid papulosis by my dermatologist. I was prescribed with topical cream to apply but didn't help at all.What are the other options beside topical cream? Is this the same virus that causes genital warts? I heard bowenoid papulosis is a form of cancer, is it so? I'm getting married next year, will she know? will HPV be transmitted to my future wife?

    Please help
    Thank you

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    Yes its the same virus that causes genital warts (most commonly by HPV type 16). They also share many clinical features and are transmitted sexually. Yes BP is considered as pre-cancerous but transformation into a malignant form is rare. Co-factors like cigarette smoking, ultraviolet radiation, pregnancy, folate deficiency, and immune suppression, have been associated with the increase risk.

    What topical medications have you used? There are several options like local excision, cryosurgery, lasers, electrodesiccation and topical medications like tazarotene, 5% imiquimod and interferon-beta. As in few cases it can transform into malignant regular visit is important till lesion resolves. Lesion usually heals completely after few weeks to months in immunocompetent individuals, while it may take years in immonocompromised patients.

    when it comes to transmission, once treated you may have complete disease free period...but that does not guarrentee total eradication of the hpv. Once the disease has been treated effectively, future transmission after 6 months and onward is greatly reduced, but there is no clear evidence about future transmission and HPV.

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