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    hi , i am anuj

    i would like to know that how can we deal with the pimpel marks on the face . generally after the pimpel the marks remainon the face for long time.

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    you can't do anything about them. all you can do is wait for it to fade, because like all other scars, it WILL fade away, but very slowly. but if you're not patient, you could try those spot treatment creams.

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    I have the same problem as well. My face is red with scars and it's quite embarrassing when I go out because I have very fair skin. Anyway, I've tried so many spot treatment creams, none of which have really worked for me. From high end brands to cheap "magic" creams, none have really done the job. Even repeated visits to my dermatologist for microdermabrasion treatments is slow. I'm currently trying out some laser treatment but I've only done it once so I don't know if it will finally solve my problems. Good luck with your scars though!

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    There are some peels that are supposed to help this. You would need to consult with a dermatologist to see if they feel that this treatment would work for you. I have done some reading on using lasers as well to treat severe scarring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akhanna01 View Post

    i would like to know that how can we deal with the pimple marks on the face . generally after the pimple the marks remain on the face for long time.
    you have not mentioned whether your skin is basically dry or oily. In any case, you can use sandalwood powder mixed in water. apply it to the stressed skin. Try to keep your skin as clean as possible and exfoliate it at least once a week. If you have combination skin, then use face pack made of fullerís earth and home-made curds. Use fresh carrot juice as a toner for skin.

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    I have never used fullers earth as a mask. I like the french clay masks for either oily or normal skin tones. For dry skin it can dry it out too much if you use it very often but its very easy to come by and works well when used once a week.
    Vinegar is another good astringent if you can get past the smell of it. It also kills any bacteria on the skin as well.

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    The only thing that's worked for me is IPL at my dermatologist. It doesn't cost a lot but it's more costly that the creams in drugstores. However, I have tried so many spot whitening creams and none have worked so far. So IPL is the way to go! You should also try to avoid getting pimples, because if you don't have acne then you won't have to worry about the marks! Eat right, get enough sleep, and drink plenty of water. Use medications as needed, although you should check first because some acne medications can leave marks.

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    Here, Indian gooseberry can help you. Just dab a little paste of this fruit upon the spot, and praying ‘out, out, damn spot,’ go off to sleep. That is a joke! But the spot will fade away magically.

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